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Component Performance and Effectiveness Analyses

JP Research has used State and Federal crash data to analyze field performance for various vehicle safety systems and components, and has used consumer-complaint data compiled by NHTSA, along with vehicle registration data compiled by R.L. Polk & Company, to address component failure rates for several vehicle components subject to NHTSA investigations. The Company has also studied warranty claims, test data, and production batches to determine whether there were any predictable failure issues; used warranty and insurance claims data to examine the effect of publicity and increased inspections on claims rates; quantified the effectiveness of various inspection procedures in reducing failure rates for vehicle components; and developed techniques to account for reporting biases influencing failure rates.

A few key component studies are highlighted below:

Bosch Recreational Vehicle Axle Study

JP Research reviewed hundreds of consumer complaints and claims associated with alleged axle/brake component failures for recreational vehicles. The risks of certain types of incidents associated with components in recreational vehicles were identified and quantified.

ABS Crash Performance Study

In 1996, JP Research led an examination of the effectiveness of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) in preventing accident and injury risk. This study used Federal and State police-reported accident data.

Warranty Claims Data Analyses

For a component manufacturer, JP Research performed statistical analyses (lognormal and nonparametric survival analyses) of warranty claims data to address current and future component performance. The analyses examined various production periods at the manufacturer’s plants that were associated with components experiencing low and high “failure” rates.

Effectiveness of Auto Theft Deterrent Systems

A study conducted for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers evaluated the effectiveness of parts marking and factory-installed anti-theft devices as theft deterrent systems. JP Research used theft data from the FBI’s National Crime Information Center as well as detailed vehicle identification information (to identify makes/models equipped with parts marking and anti-theft devices) obtained from auto industry sources. Statistical analyses were performed to determine: 1) the effectiveness of parts marking, 2) the effectiveness of anti-theft devices, and 3) the relative effectiveness of anti-theft devices compared to parts marking. The final report was submitted to the Department of Justice Docket (regarding the Anti Car Theft Act of 1992) on April 24, 2006.